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I have been involved in various aspects of building for much of my life. I began working for my father’s small construction company by the age of 10 lugging bricks and learning how to get my hands dirty.

As a teenager it was trade school for plumbing. I continued to learn about the home building process literally from the bottom up with excavation work for house foundations, and installing septic systems.

I became licensed for a time as a Mass Title V Inspector. Along with my Home Inspection License I hold a Hoisting Engineer’s License for operating heavy equipment, and am a licensed septic installer in multiple towns.

I have been involved in a general contracting role and supporting roles in the building of several houses, including my own. From deck building, sheetrock, full electrical wiring, breaker panels, and heat distribution, to insulation, carpentry, framing, plumbing, and tiling, I have experience in almost every trade related to home building with a natural transition to the profession that demands experience and knowledge from each of those trades.

I have now been a professional Licensed Home Inspector for almost 10 years, 5 of which I acted as the “Lead Trainer” for home inspectors in one of Massachusetts largest and leading multi-inspector firms.

I began BG Home Inspections in 2021 as is the natural progression in my trade. I saw BG Home Inspections as an opportunity to include values as part of my service, in a way not possible in corporate environments which tend to stress rigidity and numbers over the value of relationships and a personal connection to clients.

Thank you for choosing BG Home Inspections. I look forward to meeting you at your new home!


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We stand behind our meticulous inspections with an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Our 200% Money-Back Guarantee ensures that you receive the highest quality home inspection service. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your inspection fee in full and even pay for another licensed inspector to review the property. (Must be requested while still on site.)

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Forget terrible inspections that leave you clueless and overwhelmed. At B.G. Home Inspections, We prioritize service, accessibility, and experience to deliver home inspection Service that feels more like a friendly walk through your future home than a daunting technical checklist.

“I have time for you” Everybody comes into homebuying with a different level of confidence. I take the time you need to help you understand.

“Your questions are good questions”. Come with your questions. They are good questions. If you forget to ask at your inspection, call me later, “Reach out for anything, I’m happy to help when I can!”

“Anything can be fixed” Experience has shown me that almost no issue is beyond repair. Often Issues that look “Big” turn out much simpler that they appear. Many buyers would through the baby out with the bathwater. I can describe some of the most common repair approaches to a given defect.

“You’re never in my way”. I want you to feel like part of this inspection. See and understand the issues first hand, before you get your report.

“State-of-the-art reporting with photos.” Leave the scribbled notes behind! We deliver detailed, industry-standard home inspection reports packed with high-quality photos to provide a clear picture of your future home, long after the inspection is over.

“90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.” We are so confident in our service that if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Choose B.G. Home Inspections and enjoy a home inspection that’s informative, empowering, and even enjoyable. We’ll turn anxieties into confidence, questions into knowledge, and your future home into an open book you can read with us, page by page.